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Photo Essay Documents Young Woman Who Raises Sled Dogs Off-The-Grid

Photographer Brice Portolano‘s project No Signal is all about documenting the lives of people who have chosen to live “off-the-grid.” People like the subject of his first photo essay in the project who lives 180 miles away from the nearest town, raising sled dogs in the northern Finnish wilderness. The essay, titled “Arctic Love,” follows […]
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Training dogs by computer and “smart harness”

While it’s important that dogs know some basic obedience commands at the very least, training them can be a monotonous and frustrating experience. Well, perhaps before too long, we could have computers doing the job for us. They’re already being used to teach dogs to sit, at North Carolina State University. Utilizing technology from a […]
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Step 1 – Recognizing MY Dog Duke’s Resource Guarding Issue

I post a lot of information on dealing with dog issues – a big one being dog resource guarding. This is just the fancy word for a dog being ‘possessive’ of items, things or places. DEFINING THE TERM First, I should be clear about what I mean by “resource guarding” (RG, also known as “possessive […]
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