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Humorous Instagram Account Doodles Adorable Tiny Pug Into Cute Characters

Two months ago, Bored Panda user and designer Max adopted a cute French pug named ‘Monsieur Georges’. As a creative, Max decided “that the best thing to do was to doodle the hell out of his little muzzle”. Thus, Instagram account ‘mr_georges_doodle’ was born, populated with entertaining edits of ‘Monsieur Georges’ as ‘Totoro’, ‘Harry Potter’, […]
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Adorable “Pomsky” Pup is the Stunning Hybrid of a Pomeranian and Husky

Meet Mya, an adorable pup whose enviable good looks come from the unexpected union of a fluffy Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky. Her breed is known as a Pomsky, with some her parents’ best physical characteristics reflected in her petite, fox-like stature. Mya has a long snout and the gorgeous blue eyes of a Husky […]
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Stenciled Cats by C215 Prowl the Streets

As he travels the world with spray cans in hand, Parisian street artist C215 (previously) depicts what he describes as “things and people that society aims at keeping hidden.” Homeless people, street kids, smokers, and refugees are all muses for his unique brand of intricate stencil work that reduce his subject’s faces into sinewy outlines. […]
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