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The Dog Project by Sarah Brandt

Today we present a few illustrations from The Dog Project by Sarah Brandt which features over 100 different dog breeds…

A definitive ranking of the most overrated and underrated dog breeds

(Click to enlarge) This chart, from David McCandless‘ fascinating new book Knowledge is Beautiful, ranks 87 dog breeds and compares those rankings to the actual popularity of the breeds in the US. The ranking is based on a number of factors: trainability, life expectancy, lifetime cost (including the price of food and grooming), and suitability for children, among others. […]
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Brian Buckley

Oxley Studio Gallery is home to artist bri.buckley aka Brian Buckley.  Brian is an abstract mixed media artist who likes to pluck colours from the rainbow to produce upcycled art. Check out some of his work below, prints are available for purchase via Society6.