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Charming Photo Shoot of Baby and Puppies Born on the Same Day

Dog lover Kami Klingbeil and her beloved goldendoodle Delia demonstrated their powerful connection when they gave birth on the same exact day. “We had no idea it was going to happen,” Kami told Inside Edition. Delia was actually supposed to give birth two days earlier, but ended up waiting for August 12th to arrive. On […]
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Fun In The Sun!

We have Matilda the boxer staying with us this weekend.  We took her down to see Seamus and go for a good run in the big park! Matilda loved running around the big park with the other dogs. She got to explore the park and really stretch her legs. She’s flying! The other dogs loved […]
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Introducing Zander

We took Zander, a rhodesian ridgeback to visit Seamus and hang out in the back yard. They had fun playing together and soaking up the sunshine. Zander is staying with us this week so stay tuned for more Zander updates.