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ProBowl monitors your dog’s eating habits

Once upon a time, the choice in dog feeding bowls was metal, ceramic or plastic. The ProBowl from Obe takes things a step further with a smart design that monitors a dog’s food and water intake in real time and sends alerts if there are abnormal changes, helping owners to keep watch on their pet’s […]
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Dog Food and the hidden MSG

Obesity. It doubles a dog’s chances of developing cancer, heart disease, diabetes and a laundry list of other health problems.  Fifty percent (50%) of US dogs are overweight, and MSG – just one form of free glutamate – is a huge culprit.  MSG can triple a dog’s insulin levels making even the most physically active […]
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Calculating a Dog Food Diet’s Protein, Fat, Carbs, and Fiber

It’s not always easy to figure out how much fat and other nutrients are really in the food you feed, whether it’s kibble, canned food, or a home-prepared raw or cooked diet. Here are some tips that can help. Methods of Measurement There are three different ways of measuring amounts of protein, fat, carbohydrates, and […]
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