MiaCara Letto Dog Daybed

If you’re fond of good interior design, but you also have or want to get a dog, you’re probably aware that the two don’t entirely go hand in hand. At least, not in regards to pet furniture. One of the worst offenders is dog beds. Most of the time, they’re little more than cushions with perhaps a semicircular wall of foam padding surrounding them. In short, they’re eyesores. Well, not anymore, thanks to the MiaCara Letto daybed.

With simple lines and a form inspired by the curling shape of falling leaves, this pooch-friendly piece of furniture wouldn’t look out of place next to, say, a mid-century reading chair. And it isn’t just the appearance either; just like high quality people furniture, the Letto is handcrafted with great attention to detail. From the 50s style ash wood feet to the nordic style color palette, this is a dog bed that both you and your pet can love. Pick one up now for a little over $970. [Purchase]

(Via: Hi-Consumption)

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