Man takes photos of dogs in Sochi to promote compassion

Sergey Taran, an animal photographer from Russia, created a photo series of stray dogs in Sochi in order to inspire others to help homeless animals.

After encountering a lot of stray dogs on the streets of Sochi, he decided to find out if there were any rescue organizations helping the homeless dogs. He found two shelters that housed about 250 canines who were kept in terrible conditions.

Some of the dogs were in such poor health they couldn’t even stand on their own.


Taran explained, however, that volunteers not only helped him photograph the animals by carrying them to his desired locations, but made new cages and kennels, and cared for the dogs as best as they could.  He gave the animals each some meat and recalled, “They were so happy as if it was Christmas time.”


Taran originally decided to become an animal photographer because “animals don’t pose in front of the camera but are truly real, each with its own character and emotions unknown about anything else but just to the natural form of being themselves.”


He emphasizes their true beauty and hopes that his photos make people appreciate and admire the animals even more.


You can see more of Sergey Taran and his work here.

(Via: Lost at E Minor)

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