Dog waits for girl to get home from school every day

If you’re not convinced that we don’t deserve dogs, you have to meet Ralph, the pup who peeks under a gate every day waiting for his friend to come home.

Ralph is a year-old golden retriever who lives near the high school of Elisa Lee, a 17-year-old senior in California. The two developed a most amusing friendship after Elisa saw Ralph one day on her way home.

“At first I was afraid that he would bite me since most dogs would bark at you and seem aggressive if you came near their house, Elisa told Mashable. “Days have passed and he was still waiting there, so one of my friends encouraged me to try to pet him.”

And so she did, and the first thing Ralph did was lick her hand and paw at it. From then on, the two would meet at the same gate every day after school.

When Elisa had a four-day weekend recently, she wasn’t able to visit Ralph – so the latter made sure the message got across.

“He looked mad at me since I didn’t pet him for that period of time,” said Elisa. “A lot of the time he looks so sad when I leave and tell him bye, but I tell him I will be there the following day or so on.”

Also, Elisa only learned of Ralph’s name a few months after they met. She found out through Ralph’s owner, who was walking the pup out one day.

“I thought to myself in my head kiddingly ‘oh what if that’s the dog I pet everyday.’ And to my surprise, I noticed his cute nose that is pink and has a brownish outlining and realized it was him,” she said.

When Elisa isn’t playing with Ralph, she’s tweeting about him. In fact, her tweets have gone viral and have caused massive Ralph envy for everyone.

Sadly, the BFFs will have to part ways after Elisa graduates and goes off to college.

“I am quite sad that I got to only meet him this school year,” Elisa said. “I’m worried about what will happen when I graduate but I’m sure his owner loves him so he should be just fine.

“I hope Ralph can make new friends around our school and be happy!”

Don’t worry Elisa. Hand us Ralph’s address and we’ll make sure he has friends every single day for the rest of his adorable doggy life!

(Via: Lost at E Minor)

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