South Korean Tattoo Artist Turns Your Adorable Pets Into Adorable Tattoos

tattoo-pet-artistWe adore our pets so much, we’d take them everywhere with us if we could—and with the help of this tattoo artist, maybe we can.

Pet owners are flocking to Jiran’s parlor to have their tattoos done in the artist’s signature quirky style. And although couple tattoos may seem corny to some, you’ll have puppy dog eyes for these pet-inspired ones.

Tattoos are illegal in South Korea, but elusive tattooists like Jiran are increasingly making their mark among a modern crowd.

For a personal touch, the tattoo designs even include prominent features of the pets. For example, the tattoo artist considered a dog’s single blue eye into their final design.

Check out some tattoos below, and visit Jiran’s Instagram profile to see more.

(Via: Design Taxi)

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