Why Puppies Love Baby Talk

Have you ever tried engaging a puppy with baby talk? Of course you have.

In a world of red versus blue, exit versus remain, and where some people just want to watch the world burn as they put pineapples in their pizzas, there seem to be fewer and fewer things we can all agree on.

Two of which are babies and puppies. Both of them are so cute that they could cool off the most heated discussions online.

The truth is that offline, these two internet titans clash in a way many of us may not even realize: when we utter baby talk to puppies.

Apparently, puppies in particular actually appreciate it, but the same can’t be said for adult dogs. The research behind it is interesting, putting some science behind a practice many of us are guilty of, but surely few can actually explain if asked why we do it.

“One of the hypotheses was that we humans use this dog-directed speech because we are sensitive to the baby cues that come from the face of a small baby [animal] as we are sensitive to the faces of our babies,” says Nicolas Mathevon, a French bioacoustician.

“But actually our study demonstrates that we use pet-directed speech or infant-directed speech not only because of that but maybe we use this kind of speech pattern when we want to engage and interact with a non-speaking listener. Maybe this speaking strategy is used in any context when we feel that the listener may not fully master the language or has difficulty to understand us.”


(Via: Lost at E Minor)

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