Universal cancels premiere, press events for A Dog’s Purpose

This is the best news ever, especially after seeing the sad and frightening video .. Click here to view the video if you’ve been hiding under a social media rock, and haven’t seen it yet.


Universal Pictures has canceled this weekend’s premiere for A Dog’s Purpose, after controversy erupted around leaked footage from the film’s shooting, in which a clearly frightened German Shepherd was repeatedly forced into quickly moving water against its will. According to Variety, Universal reassured readers that the dog, Hercules, was unharmed, but said it was “in the best interest of A Dog’s Purpose to cancel this weekend’s premiere and press junket.”

Universal and Amblin Entertainment are both investigating the footage, which was originally posted by TMZ. Director Lasse Hallstrom and star Josh Gad both expressed dismay at the video, with Gad saying he was “shaken and sad” by what he saw. Although it’s canceled the premiere and press support for the film—which follows a dog’s soul as it reincarnates over multiple lifetimes—Universal is still planning to release the film nationwide in theaters as planned, on Friday, January 27.

Source: AV Club

One thought on “Universal cancels premiere, press events for A Dog’s Purpose

  1. My question was why was the video so edited? We never actually see how they get the dog in the water. If you watch they pull him out and then suddenly it cuts to the dog in the water and then it stops before we see them save the do. The film producers said that after seeing how agitated the dog was they took him off until he calmed down and was able to go in. And after the dog went under, with scuba divers right there to pull him out immediately, they stopped filming that scene and didn’t try again. I’m not saying that it was all good, but I also find it sketchy that we don’t get to see everything that person filmed, and that they waited months before they released it.


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