Touching Photos Offer a Different Perspective on Shelter Dogs

Adorable Photo Series Lets You Look 'Up' to Shelter DogsPhotographers lending their skills to try and help shelter dogs is nothing new, but Slovenian photographer Katja Jemec‘s series “I Looked Up and There You Were” offers a different perspective than we’ve seen before… literally.

The photos were captured to help promote awareness of abused, neglected, and abandoned dogs across Europe, and it was important to Katja that they didn’t encourage people to look down on these dogs. So she captured the exact opposite: she took pictures looking UP at them from below clear glass.

Katja further explains the series…

Overcrowded dog shelters, lack of food and space have been a pressing issue for quite some time now. In Slovenia alone, thousands of dogs are admitted to animal shelters each year, and the situation south of the Slovenian border is even worse due to a large number of stray dogs.

But they do not escape the consequences – the fears – and their owners work hard to overcome it. The series of photographs comprises portraits of dogs that have achieved that and their stories.

(Via: PetaPixel)

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