Delightful photo series will help you appreciate dogs from a different angle

97018a6d8e4045a7beff285fd8f42286Seeing a dog rolling on its back is the ultimate symbol of affection, happiness and trust.

Australia-based photographer Serena Hodson, known for her former series Dry Dog/Wet Dog, is constantly inspired by her pets’ idiosyncrasies.

“I have bulldogs who constantly sleep on their backs and it always gives me a laugh at the look they gives when they melt into these wrinkles,” she told Mashable in an email.

Working with some of the same dogs from her Dry Dog/Wet Dog series, including a wire-haired dachshund named Henri and her own precious canines, Hodson set out to capture the pure happiness that a dog feels when it is rolling on its back for her new series, The Upside of Dogs.

“Dogs seem to be so happy and joyful on their backs. When I started to photograph different breeds I wanted to try all shapes and sizes,” she said, adding, “all of the models brought something different to each image and I thought maybe the joy it gave me might be worth sharing.”

Any pet owner can appreciate Hodson’s models’ joy.

More of Hodson’s work can be found on her website and on Facebook.

(Via: Mashable)

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