A Stunning Cat from Russia Looks Like an Emperor

xWe all know that cats sometimes, well, most of the time look very smug and arrogant but we forgive them for that because they are so beautiful and graceful. The case is no different with this stunning cat from Russia named  “Kotleta”(Cutlet).  His owner is a popular Russian photographer Kristina Makeeva who just had to show the world the beauty and an authoritative attitude that her little fluffy friend has. Kotleta has a really intimidating and menacing look that would scare off all other unwanted cats. This cat looks like a little lion, he looks mighty and graceful at the same time. Kristina made an amazing series of photographs with her cat. Numbers of wonderful and colorful portraits that are displaying the beauty of her cat. If you like Kristina’s work, you can follow her on Instagram in order to enjoy more of her fantastic photographs. xx xxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx

(Via: Sorta)

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