Adorable Mugs Features Different Dog Breeds Drinking Starbucks Beverages

AAAAIf you are a dog lover who also happen to adore Starbucks, these mugs by Pink Mug NY would be perfect for you. Bringing together the world of dogs and the sweet beverages from the popular coffee chain, each of these adorable mugs features an illustration of a dog, holding on to and drinking from a familiar take-away cup that bears the famous twin-tailed mermaid logo.

Many dog breeds are represented in this collection of cute mugs, so chances are that you would be able to get one with your favorite kind. There are also “I Love Starbucks” mugs that feature different breeds of cats, other animals and even pop culture characters like Hello Kitty, Mario and Elmo.G GG GGGGGGGGGGG GGG GGGGGGGGGGGG GGGGG GGGG GGGGGG GGGGGGG GGGGGGGG GGGGGGGGGGGGGG GGGGGGGGGGGGG AAA AA GGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

(Via: Design Taxi)

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