Prairie Dog Couple Has Charming Adventures with Their Adorable Interspecies Family

xWho knew that a prairie dog’s life could be so glamorous? Bing and Swarley (aka @prairedogpack) are two adorable rodents that lead a charmed existence, as shown through their popular social media accounts. The duo lives as though every day is a fun Saturday afternoon. They regularly don cute outfits, go on joyrides in tiny cars, take leisurely swims, and enjoy some delicious Starbucks.

Bing and Swarley also hang out with an unusual cast of characters. They regularly cozy up to their canine friend, Biscuit, and their duckling pals Hugh and Halpert. Together, this crew forms a sweet blended family where they’re all as silly as the prairie dogs—Biscuit even lets Bing and Swarley ride on his back. With these delightful antics, it’s not hard to see why they have so many fans across the globe.xx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx

(Via: My Modern Met)

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