Playfully Oversized “Milk Cartons” are Cardboard Sanctuaries for Cats

y - CopyIn decades past, cats were often associated with enjoying a nice dish of milk (even though, contrary to this once-popular belief, it’s not as good for them as we might think). Swedish startup Petbo has created a product that’s a playful take on this association and totally safe your cat. The clever designers have created a giant cardboard milk carton with a hole cut in the center for your favorite feline to climb in and lounge to their heart’s content.

The Petbo founders’ own cats inspired the creation of their colorful product. After adopting two stray kittens, they couldn’t find a suitable “home” for their felines, and decided to make one of their own. “Cats, being predators by nature,” they explain, “need a place to hide and be able to observe their surroundings without being disturbed or noticed.” Through testing and development, they made a small sanctuary where your furry friend can play, hide, nap, and of course, observe their kingdom.

The cartons are currently sold in two versions: a triangular gradient design called “Pride,” and a minimalist pattern known as “Flower.” Each playhouse is foldable and comes complete with a scratch pad.yy - Copy yyy - Copy yyyy - Copy yyyyy - Copy yyyyyy - Copy

(Via: My Modern Met)

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