Jax and Bones Holiday Rope Dog Toys

aJax and Bones makes eco-friendly, quality pet bedding that has even the human owners a little envious, as well as durable rope toys that will put a smile on both you and your dog’s faces. Each cotton rope toy is dyed using non-toxic vegetable dyes and hand-tied and will fray over time (with chewing) and act like dental floss for your pup—just be sure to keep an eye out and make sure they don’t accidentally ingest any pieces. They’re dubbed “Good Karma Rope Toys” because 10% of the proceeds are donated to animal rescue groups like LA non-profit The Rescue Train.large_jax-bones-dog-toys-rope-2 large_jax-bones-dog-toys-ropeWith the holidays approaching, Jax and Bones has added new seasonal designs to their line-up of adorable animals, from the requisite snowmen and gingerbread to snowflakes, peace signs and more. Shop the rope toys and other pet products online on Jax and Bones.

(Via: Cool Hunting)

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