Adorably Candid Photos Between Two Dogs Mirror the Dynamics of Human Relationships

QPhotographer Shaina Fishman captures the unique relationships that canines share in her project called Between Two Dogs. Adorable images showcase a variety of interactions among different pups, with these instances ranging from humorous to sweet to poignant. Some dogs are two peas in a pod and go toe-to-toe in their playful rough-housing. Others demonstrate a familial bond as they snuggle together. Although there’s a lot of love in these photos, it’s just as clear that certain canines would prefer to be left alone. This broad emotional range mirrors the relationships that we have with our friends and loved ones.

Fishman photographed 30 pairs of dogs for this project, which consisted of adult and puppies or two puppies of the same age. The subjects spanned breeds that included Golden Retrievers, Pugs, French Bulldogs, and Dalmatians. Each was allowed to act naturally, which gives these shots a wonderfully candid feel that’ll make you smile. “What transpired between the dogs was a variety of dynamic interactions,” Fishman explains. “Almost all of the dogs were eager to be together and play but some wanted nothing to do with their co-star, which was just fine because I didn’t set out to capture only cute imagery. My goal was to create memorable images full of varied emotions and interactions. Those few independent pups broadened the emotional range of the book and added to its sense of humor.”

Between Two Dogs was recently released as a full-color, 144-page book by Skyhorse Publishing, now available through outlets like Amazon.QQ QQQ QQQQ QQQQQ QQQQQQ QQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQ

(Via: My Modern Met, Images Via: Shaina Fishman)

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