Elegant Cat Furniture Purrfectly Complements a Contemporary Interior

0As many cat owners know, finding great-looking furniture for your feline can be a challenge. While the cat may love its fuzzy bed, the piece can easily clash with your overall contemporary decor. French company Meyou wants to change this with their collection of sleek beds that offer a clean and modern style, perfect for the discerning owner.

Meyou has created three distinctly different products for their gorgeous collection. Each one is made of natural materials and creates an elegant cocoon using a combination of cozy curves and minimalistic straight lines. One model, called The Cube, has a woven cotton bubble set in a six-sided frame. Another version is The Ball that, like The Cube, uses a soft sphere, but is set within a slanted frame—this allows it to double as a scratcher. The third model is The Bed, which offers the cat an elevated vantage point and a comfortable cushion.

All of Meyou’s furniture is available in a variety of colors so you can be sure they’ll complement your already-existing furniture. These cat condos are now available for pre-order through Meyou’s Kickstarter campaign. Their estimated delivery is March 2016.

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(Via: My Modern Met)

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