Orvis & Pendleton Dog Accessories Collection

zzTo celebrate a century of National Park Service (occurring in 2016), heritage brand and outdoors experts Orvis have teamed up with fellow iconic company Pendleton for a collection of pet accessories that will keep your buddy warm, comfortable and looking good. The brands (each of which are actually older than the National Park Service, at 150+ years old) are paying homage to two of their favorite and picturesque parks—Montana’s Glacier National Park and South Dakota’s Badlands National Park—by having the patterns and colorways reflect their history and physicality, all the while remaining recognizable.zThe collection is made up of dog beds, jackets and leashes—all of which sport the same two striped fabrics. The coats, which come in four sizes, are made from super-warm Polarfleece, fit snugly to keep your pup warm and are (importantly) washable. The collar and lead are made from grosgrain ribbon with durable nylon backings, and the lead measures a generous six feet so your pooch can explore. The beds stay cozy, plump and free of clumps so your dog will snooze soundly, perhaps dreaming of adventures in the very parks the collection is celebrating.


Browse the full Orvis + Pendleton collaboration collection online, where prices start at $29.

(Via: Cool Hunting)

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