Heartwarming Photographs Of A Young Girl And Her Doberman Best Friend

SSSSSSSSSThree-year-old Siena from Seattle and her beloved canine best friend, a Doberman named ‘Buddha’, are winning hearts on social media with their antics. Nicknamed ‘Cutie and the Beast’, the inseparable pair do everything together, from sleeping and having their nails done, to playing the piano and going on walks.

Tara Prucha, Siena’s mother, captures heartwarming photos of them and shares the images through the Instagram account ‘@cutieandthebeast’. Prucha told Today.com, “She doesn’t have a single toy or play set she adores. For her, that’s Buddha.”

“Dobermans are also known as ‘Velcro dogs’. They just want to be with their one human. And he has obviously chosen my daughter,” she added. Aside from showcasing the sweet friendship between the duo, the pictures show that Dobermans can be mellow and gentle creatures.

S SS SSS SSSS SSSSS SSSSSS SSSSSSS SSSSSSSS[Via: Design Taxi, Images Via: @cutieandthebeast]

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