Adorable Bull Terriers Have Cuddle-Filled Pajama Parties

aTwo English Staffordshire bull terriers named Darren and Phillip are the definition of adorable. The Blueboys—which is what their owners call them—have a knack for cuddling and comfy sleepwear. “Whenever I dress them in their onesies, they immediately want to snuggle,” owner Jennifer McLean told The Huffington Post. “Phillip has restless nights if I don’t put his jammies on first. I think it’s become a bit of a comfort thing for him.”

McLean actually started dressing her pets in dog clothes, but couldn’t resist buying them some cute onesies from the baby department. While these outfits aren’t your average dog apparel, the bull terriers don’t seem to mind during their many slumber parties. They’re also fond of jerseys, sweatshirts, and vests, but their most important fashion moment hasn’t happened yet. “Our little boys will be attending our wedding next year in their little tuxes and buttonholes,” said their loving owner. “They are my ‘something blue.'”

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(Via: My Modern Met)

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