Handsome Men Pose With Their Rescued Pets, Help Animals Get Adopted

0To help encourage animal adoption, handsome men posed with their rescued kittens, dogs and bunnies for next year’s ‘Tails of NYC RescueMen’ calendar. Organized by Felicia Greenfield and Jen Halpern, proceeds from the project will go towards volunteer run organization Pillows for Paws.

00 000Halpern said, “It’s a blast. Not only do we get to look for handsome men, but we get to hear amazing stories of compassion and love these men have for animals in need. They truly inspire us to want to continue to make a difference for shelter animals.”

0000 00000Comedian John Fugelsang, who was a model for this year’s calendar, said, “You can save an animal’s life today, and you’ll know you’re not paying into a pet-mill industry that cares more for profit than the well-being of animals. And I adopted cats because why should conditional love only come from family?”

000000(Via: Design Taxi, Images via NYC Rescue Men]

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