Portraits of Dogs Wearing the Cone of Shame


If there’s one things dogs don’t like, it’s the Elizabethan collar, popularly known as the “cone of shame” or the “pet lamp-shade.”

For his new project titled Timeout, photographer Ty Foster shot a series of portraits of dogs that captures the sadness and embarrassment caused by wearing the cone of shame.

“For those of us who have pets I think we’ve all experienced the pain and hardships that accompany the plastic prison that is the cone and I really wanted to showcase those emotions and hardships in this series,”

Timeout is a series about those hardships that are associated with the cone of shame – emotionally and physically,” he writes. “From being a hindrance at food time, giving the cat a ‘torment handicap’, and preventing the simplest pleasure of scratching behind your ear, Timeout showcases how dogs truly feel about the plastic prison that is the cone.”


(Via: PetaPixel)

One thought on “Portraits of Dogs Wearing the Cone of Shame

  1. I would love (if I could figure out here how to attach a photo in this space) to send you a picture of my Toy Fox Terrier, Anabel, post spay surgery with her “special” cone bestowed upon her by a sympathetic vet assistant. Rather than the typical plastic, uncomfortable and unattractive variety, the kindly technician who happened to be a big, burly 6 foot tall lad, said to me “I have a special, cone that would suit her soo much better.” He disappeared and returned carrying a beautiful sky blue patterned, soft round cone which he placed on my dog. I snapped a photo of her 2 days later, posing proudly in the contraption or rather should I say preening. I must admit, she looked beautiful and never once tried to “paw” off. I would love to send you the photo if you can advise how to do so. Great post!


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