Quadruple Amputee Dog Enjoys a Happier, Healthier Life Thanks to Prosthetic Paws


Meet Brutus, a loving Rottweiler who was recently given a chance to enjoy a richer, fuller life thanks to four prosthetic limbs that were outfitted to his amputated legs. After the 1.5-year-old dog was left outside in the freezing cold when he was just a puppy, he suffered from severe frostbite on all of his paws. His breeder crudely hacked off the afflicted paws at home, leaving Brutus maimed and unable to walk without extreme pain.

Luckily, the sweet pooch was removed from the breeder by a Loveland, Colorado rescue group, who cared for him and found him a forever home. Wanting to make his life even better, his new human crowdfunded enough money to pay for a set of special animal prosthetics from OrthoPets. After undergoing surgery to correct some of the harm done by the botched amputation, Brutus has been working with OrthoPets and the James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital at Colorado State University, learning to navigate his surroundings on his new paws.

According to his owner, Laura, Brutus is noticeably happier now that he can enjoy life with greater mobility. Walking on hard and uneven surfaces no longer causes him severe pain, and he will be able to engage in more physical activities. Although he will most likely need physical therapy for the rest of his life, it’s heartwarming to know that this wonderful dog will be able to look forward to a healthy, joyful future.

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(Via: My Modern Met)

7 thoughts on “Quadruple Amputee Dog Enjoys a Happier, Healthier Life Thanks to Prosthetic Paws

  1. We can’t understand, “Why?” But we can know that he will NEVER experience abuse ever again in his life. Out of anguish and despair, Angels rescued this beautiful animal. I can’t express my gratitude adequately with words, but simply know you have warmed my heart.

    Our house is blessed with one rescued Labrador and three rescued cats. I often say, “Who rescued who?”


  2. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    What an inspiring story and wonderfully kind people who have given this young dog another chance at life. I rarely use this blog as a platform for venting my frustration as inhumane behaviour as I know that I am talking to like minded people, but there are times when I should not be left alone in a room with people like Brutus’s orginal owner and ‘breeder’. Enough said…


  3. we had a Rottweiler who looked just like Brutus (his name was Sampson!) – just the sweetest dog. I am so happy for Brutus – what a wonderful story. But something needs to be done about that breeder!


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