Origami style coffee table and cozy pet bed by Fabbricabois

0Sharing space with a pet can be difficult if you don’t have much space, but it’s another story if one can somehow integrate pet comforts with that of yours. That appears to be the idea behind Nidin, a multipurpose coffee table that also doubles as a bed for your cat or dog.

00Granted, it’s not as impressive or excessive as an entire house built for cats or over-pampered dogs, but the strength behind Nidin is its simplicity. Designed by France’s Fabbricabois, the table is a re-interpretation of Japanese origami, consisting of seven geometric pieces that come flat packed, and are assembled with elastics, rather than fiddly fasteners or glue.000 0000 00000Once assembled, the by 38″ by 24″ by 18″ table has a generous, diamond-shaped surface for all manner of coffee table-related functions, and convenient book storage on both sides. But best of all, the table’s unique form has a central niche — which is lined with a custom-made ergonomic cushion from an Italian company — for a small-sized pet to snuggle in.000000 0000000Characterized as a “pragmatic geometric composition,” this clever space-saving coffee table can fold flat if not needed, can assemble in minutes, and provides humans with a free surface and a furry friend with an instant shelter. To find out more, check out Fabbricabois.


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