Adorable Japanese Boy and His French Bulldog Welcome a Baby Brother

0A lot has happened since we first got to know Tasuku, the sweet Japanese boy, and Muu, his French bulldog sidekick. The duo is now a trio thanks to the addition of Setsu, their now one-year-old partner in crime. Photographer and mom Aya Sakai charts their adventures together and posts the photos on Instagram where they now have over 574,000 followers. There’s even a rare photo of the father who’s reading his magazine while his adorable three boys surround him.

Thanks to CBS News, we’ve gotten to know a little more about the family. (Aya Sakai is fiercely protective of her privacy, consenting only to an email interview.) She is a housewife who’s married to Takeshi, a publicist for a men’s apparel chain. Sakai once worked in the fashion industry, where she handled magazine advertising. Once she had her first son, she left her job to become a full-time mother. To capture memories of Tasuku and Muu growing up together, she picked up her smartphone and used Instagram to share her photos. She could have never guessed they would become an Internet sensation, saying, “I never expected this level of popularity. It hasn’t really sunk in.”

There’s now a photo book, of the two (before they became three) you can buy on Amazon or at stores in major cities across the United States. If you haven’t already, you can also follow Aya Sakai on Facebook and Instagram. It’s the cutest collection of photos you’ll ever find.

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