Woman Takes Her Dying Dog On A Beautiful Bucket List Of Adventures

0When owner Lauren Fern Watt found out that her English Mastiff Gizelle was suffering from terminal bone cancer and had only months to live, she decided to take her furry friend on all kinds of bucket list adventures. She would take him to the beach, ride in a canoe together, go on road trips, and enjoy pints of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. She wrote on Yahoo that “doing a list for Gizelle not only helped me cope with losing her, it was also one wild ride. It helped me live in the present and see life for what it truly is: a sweet, simple, precious adventure”. Fern Watt documented their last moments together on her Instagram account, and will be turning her fond memories of Gizelle into a book that will highlight more of the duos adventure. Scroll down to see pictures of their incredible bond.

00 000 0000 0000000 00000000 000000000(Via: Design Taxi)

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