Adorable Baby Sister Joins Famous Toddler and Puppy for Daily Naps

0In the eight or so months since we last checked in Theo and Beau, the adorable best friends who take daily naps together, a lot has changed for the boy and his pup. Beau turned 3, the Shyba family celebrated Theo’s one-year adoptaversary, and the famous duo became a trio! With the birth of little Evangeline (nicknamed “Evvie”) last September, Theo and Beau gained a new cuddle buddy to join them for their hour-long siestas.

Evvie fits right in with her big brothers. Nestled among soft blankets and pillows on their parents’ bed, the three make for an incredibly cute sight each afternoon. Beau lovingly sleeps with his arm around his baby sister, while Theo affectionately curls up at Beau’s side. Jessica Shyba (a.k.a. mommasgonecity), Beau and Evvie’s mom, writes on her blog, “I’m trying not to get my hopes up that this magical nap time trifecta is a habit that will last, but each day this happens—with or without Evvie—I’m ever in awe at their sweet slumber.”

Fans of Theo and Beau, be sure to keep an eye out for Shyba’s new photo book Naptime with Theo and Beau, available on Amazon and other online retailers in February.

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(Via: My Modern Metropolis)

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