Head to northern Scotland for an action-packed sleddog safari

Action-packed vacations don’t ordinarily come to mind when dreaming of Scotland, but one company is offering once-in-a-lifetime sleddog holidays in the northern area of the country. Starting every November, the Cairngorm Sleddog Centre in Aviemore, Scotland, offers 3-hour sleddog safaris that take adventurous travelers into Cairngorms National Park led by a team of 12 sleddogs.

You’ll zoom past herds of wild deer, enjoy breathtaking views of the mountain ranges, stop off for a tea break, then get back in the sled for some more hair rising action. If you time it right, you can even sled in the snow, as this part of Scotland is famous for its skiing and other winter sports.

And if you can’t bear to part with the dogs at the end of your K9 adventure, this place also offers accommodation for you to stay the night. You can even book a two-day sledding course while you’re there to learn the ins and outs of dog sledding. Just remember that sledding is a wet and muddy experience, so you might want to pack a few changes of clothes to stay warm and clean throughout your Scottish adventure.

Sledding safaris start at $320, while a sledding course will set you back $465. Decent prices for a trip of a lifetime-now all you have to do is find out how to get to the very northern part of Scotland!

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(Via: Lost At E Minor)

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