Trekking with Diuna in Mongolia

Today we follow the adventures of Aga & Przemo of Watahaa who trekked through the Mongolian Altai with their pup named Diuna (Dune). They spent two months exploring in Mongolia, returning with their dog via the trans-Siberian railway. In 2013, they received The National Geographic Poland “Travel of the Year” award for their trek with Diuna in Garhwal Himalaya. These photos are meant to encourage and inspire others to travel and explore nature with their dog, there is no need to leave your pup behind! 

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One thought on “Trekking with Diuna in Mongolia

  1. How cool – I travelled in the Altai region on horseback and I would love to know how they dealt with encountering the nomad’s dogs as they are super aggressive – that would be my biggest fear in that region. Oh and there are wolves but then their dog looks rather like a wolf!


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