This Photographer Did a Cliché Baby Photo Shoot with a Dog


Baby photography is one of those things that has quickly turned into a gigantic cliché. Do a little snuggle, snap some picture of tiny feet, wrap them in a blanket – don’t forget the soft lighting. That’s why this series by photographer Jamie Clauss is so awesome. She and her next door neighbors Jan and Chase Renegar were having a boring day, so to liven things up they created a newborn photo shoot using their Jack Russell terrier. Her name? Snuggles.

Oh yes, the shots are all there. There is the newborn baby on the soft empty bed (complete with cute flowery headband). There is the happy couple and baby wrapped in blanket. And don’t forget the all important tiny feet shot. Good thing Snuggles was such a good sport about it:

“Snuggles was so comfortable with it,” Clauss said. “She started falling asleep and snoring. … It was all we could do not to laugh and wake her up.”
00 000 0000 000000 0000000 00000000 000000000
 (Via: Visual News)

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