Funny (and Freaky) Photo Series Photoshops Cats with Cat Owners

Like a lot of personal projects we feature on our site, photographer Sebastian Magnani’s series Underdogs was never meant to gain international recognition. Back in August 2009, when Magnani first started a photo series of dogs photoshopped with dog owners, he could have never imagined that people would spread the bizarre photos like they did. As he states, “What originally started out as entertainment, without expectation, without any pressure, was suddenly creating waves. The four-legged friends and their owners have since traveled the world.”The 25-year-old photographer is now back with a follow-up series, called UnderCats, that this time, pairs cats with their respective owners. In his usual style, the Swiss photographer first shot the owners and their cats in the same portrait style. He then merged the two images together, working 6-8 hours for just one combination. Magnani had to travel all around Switzerland to photograph the cats and their owners in their own homes. What you’ll end up seeing is some funny and freaky photos that you won’t soon forget. (Love the side by side pairings, this time.)
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Sebastian Magnani’s website
(Via: My Modern Metropolis)

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