Darcy the Flying Hedgehog

Darcy the hedgehog, prickly, playful and particularly photogenic, was one of Instagram’s brightest animal stars, the brilliant @darcytheflyinghedgehog account featuring nothing but Darcy striking her best poses, captured on camera by her owner Shota Tsukamoto. The project followed Darcy from her days as a young hedgehoglet right up until January of this year, when she became too elderly to photograph and shortly after passed away. During her lifetime, Tsukamoto – a ‘hedgehographer’ from Tokyo with a wonderfully graphic eye – snapped his spiky friend getting up to all sorts of adventures: lounging on pretty plates, perfectly paired with a pineapple, frolicking with a flamingo. So this weekend we’ve decided to celebrate the life of Darcy by bringing you a selection of our favourite moments from the project with the hope of raising a smile!


All photos © @darcytheflyinghedgehog/Instagram

(Via: AnOther Magazine)

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