Dog Breath Photography

Photographer Kaylee Greer has found her passion in life — taking lively pictures of dogs…

Greer’s photography business, called Dog Breath Photography, features “unique, whimsical, happy, drooling, colorful, wagging pet portraits.”

In addition to making a full-time living photographing canines, the self-described “crazy dog lady” volunteers her time at local animal shelters in the Boston area, using her amazing skill behind the camera to help abandoned dogs find new homes.

It only takes seeing a few of Greer’s photos to be impressed with how incredibly engaging her work is. Find your favorites below, and be sure to check out the behind-the-scenes photos at the bottom of the page…

Behind the scenes:

5 thoughts on “Dog Breath Photography

    1. aw thanks for your comment and feedback, Jan! Nice to know you’re out there, reading the blog 🙂 If you ever want to submit any of your photography, let me know. i’d love to feature you!


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