Touching Portraits of Homeless People and Their Dog Companions


Lynn with Charlie

In the heartwarming multi-media project Lifelines, photographer Norah Levine and audio producer Gabrielle Amster teamed up to document the stories of homeless people and their faithful animal companions. Many people who live without permanent shelter rely on pets for companionship, protection, and for their emotional and psychological well-being. Oftentimes, homeless pet owners use what little resources they have to care for their companions instead of buying material goods for themselves, prioritizing their animals’ needs over their own out of love.

Levine’s touching portraits portray the close bond between homeless people and their pets, as the subjects cuddle, smile, and hold each other close. While the homeless people and their pets may be living on the streets or in makeshift shelters, the animals all appear happy, well-fed, and neatly groomed, showing the selfless love and dedication of their owners. The photographer says, “It’s supposed to feel good when you look at my images. I’m a happy photographer. The subject matter of homelessness it not a happy one, but I wanted to find the joy that existed in the subject matter.”

To learn more about the project and to listen to audio recordings of each subject, be sure to check out the Lifelines website. All profits from the project will benefit the Animal Trustees of Austin’s 4PAWS Program, which is dedicated to providing wellness care and spay/neuter surgeries to pets belonging to the homeless population of Central Texas and beyond.


Maggie and Eric with Dixie and Reptar


Jessika and Josh with Kendra and Malinko (dogs) and Maya, Fiona, and Garfield (cats)


Rose with Junior


Connor with Super Max


Jedd with Alice


Bradley with Ellie


Sam with Mimi


Denise with Chaser


Pops with Wednesday

Lifelines Project Website
Norah Levine Photography Website
Animal Trustees of Austin Website

(Via: My Modern Metropolis)

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