Rosi + Rufus Pet Furniture


Pet furniture, like kid’s toys, is too often aesthetically at odds with the minimalist home. After all, what kind of dog accessory could possibly complement your Eames chairs?

The answer: any one of these new doghouses by Rosi & Rufus. The company launched in 2012 to focus on furniture for the urban canine (or feline). This is its first collection and Michaela Weingut, one half of the Munich-based company, says the goal was to turn the standard doghouse, usually found in the backyard, into a piece of interior, contemporary furniture beautiful enough for a downtown loft or brownstone apartment.

Weingut says the Rosi & Rufus pieces come in three categories, all meant to cater to your pet’s personality.” “We started thinking about the various natures of dogs or cats,” she tells Co.Design. “Based on these thoughts, we came up with three different embodiments: Open, closed, and kinky.” (For that last one, think “private” house over the Futon-style flatbed or the five-point frame house.)

Americans spent a reported $55.7 billion on their pets last year. Besides the food and vaccinations, those costs likely include products from the plethora of designers creating accessories for our furry friends.

Rosi & Rufus are not just designing eye candy. They’re playing the long game: The cushions are washable, and the varnish used on the wood is sweat and saliva resistant. So these tiny huts will hold up for years. The houses come in three sizes each, and prices start at around $1,500. Shop here

(Via: Co.Design)

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