6 Month Update on the Toddler Who Takes Naps with His Puppy

It’s been nearly half a year since the toddler Beau and his rescue puppy Theo first started taking daily naps together, and the adorable snuggle buddies haven’t stopped since. As always, Beau’s mother Jessica Shyba faithfully documents each precious encounter and shares the heartwarming portraits on her Instagram account, mommasgonecity. Beau, who is now almost 2 1/2 years old, has gotten a little bigger, but it’s Theo whose rapid growth has been astounding to witness. When the family first adopted him, the puppy was a small and cuddly bundle of joy. A few months later, the pooch was almost as big as Beau. Now, as recent photos have shown us, Theo actually trumps his best friend in size, having grown so much that Shyba admits it’s hard to fit him in the frame of the photo sometimes.Despite the duo’s change in size and age, the unconditional love and affection between them has remained the same. Shyba says, “I’m constantly reminded that we are still at the beginning of their relationship and our story now that Theo is in it is changing all the time in the best ways.” With a bright future of friendship and love ahead of them, the ongoing story of Theo and Beau is sure to be just as adorable and moving as it is now.

mommasgonecity on Instagram

(Via: My Modern Metropolis)

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