DogTube (Part 3)

Check out our third edition of DogTube! Sit back and enjoy the latest viral videos featuring dogs…

Trained Mice Prepare an Easter Egg Hunt For a Dog Whose Job It Is To Find the Hidden Eggs

Dog Barks While Viewing A Video of Herself Barking at a Video of Herself Barking

Slow Motion Video of Professional Athlete Performing Parkour Routine With Jumpy the Dog

Baby French Bulldog Protests His Bedtime Before Succumbing To His Own Sleepiness

Persistent Goat Tries Desperately To Engage With An Indifferent Dog

Furiously excited dogs go absolutely crazy when the mail comes through the mail slot

Bulldog puppy kisses and snuggles a hesitant baby girl

Skateboarder uses 4 pitbulls for an insane but impressive Floridian version of dog sledding

4 polite dogs pray before dinner, bus their dishes when done eating

Dog pile! 3 bull terriers fall asleep stacked on top of one another

In case you missed them, here are links to our previous DogTube posts:

DogTube (Part 1)

DogTube (Part 2)

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