Dog Car Seat Saver by Filson


Whether you’re taking your Retriever to go retrieve stuff from the local lake, or your Boston Terrier to Boston for a talent show, dogs and cars can sometimes make for a messy mix—especially when you let them play in the backseat with whatever they dragged out of the lake, or with the poodle they met at the talent show. Keep your vehicle’s interior hair-and-everything-else-free with the Dog Car Seat Saver from Filson. This 54″ x 56″ sling goes over your seats and attaches to them, so it and your dog stays in place.Made from 12.3-oz. 100% cotton dry finish antique Tin Cloth, the Seat Saver has four adjustable straps with reinforcing at the attachment points, so your Great Dane won’t do any damage. Made in the USA and available for purchase from Filson.


(Via: HiConsumption)

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