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Hello everyone!

I thought it was time to write a personal blog entry, as it’s what i used to do before things got so busy for me. Over the past few years, this blog has transitioned from my personal stories of owning a dog walking, doggie daycare and boarding business to sharing interesting and inspiring content from all over the world. It’s become a place for me to share all things dog.

These are few of my top read and favorite posts from my early days on The Hydrant Blog…

Dog Chin Acne. Yep, they get it, too.  At this point in my life (May 2011) Logan, my doberman, was entering adulthood, and I was experiencing for the first time, canine acne.  My little boy was turning into a man! hahaha! Turns out it’s super common! I’ve met soooo many dog parents of the past few years, that had no idea about it either.

Fruits & Veggies, Oh My! The List of Dog Friendly Foods This was about the time I started learning about cooked food diets for canines. Diet and nutrition has always been a big interest to me, and I was thrilled to find out there was so much more to learn about the canine diet. I was also transitioning Logan from a raw diet, into the cooked food world. This is a quick list of fruits and veg’s you can introduce into any dogs’ diet. Great addition to kibble, as well.

056 That first post on nutrition goes well with this follow up – Logan’s new cooked diet!

Home Cooked Dog Food – Is It The New Raw? This is the full breakdown of his diet. Even including a photo of a typical meal!

Okay, so I’m guilty of being obsessed with dog nutrition. I did quite a few homemade DIY dog treat blog posts: DIY: Paw-Print Dog Treats, DIY: Wheat Free Blueberry and Banana Cookies.

One of my most memorable blog posts was Owen’s Puppy Pizza Party. This was a first for me, and I documented the process of making dog pizza. Yep. I did it, folks. 😉 Check it out here.


Now, lets fast forward ..

The last couple of months have been even more hectic than usual, as I finally launched the website of my dreams, dedicated to my dog walking business. It’s taken me years (literally!) of revisions and ‘putting it on the back burner’, but it’s finally up.  I’m kinda proud of it, as it’s my first go at WordPress from a real template perspective, so I’d love to hear your feedback. 🙂

Get Leashed MagazineAnd my other project launched!

I’ve been busy over the past couple of weeks, working on a column I was given the opportunity to be featured in, called the Dog Walker Diary!  My first article for Get Leashed Magazine, a lifestyle & culture magazine for smart and trend-savvy pet owners, was launched this week!

Get Leashed Magazine is a digital hub for modern pet owners. It will feature…
Lifestyle | Celebrity | Travel | Fashion | Home | Health | Tips, Treats & The Pets You Love


 My main focus will be on dog culture in the big city from the perspective of someone who works with (and loves) dogs.  I am very excited to be a part of Get Leashed Magazine and look forward to sharing training secrets, useful tips and hilarious stories from my day to day adventures working (and walking) in downtown Toronto!

High Five With Logan!
High Five With Logan!

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