Introducing Pet-Fi…

How Does Pet-Fi Work?

Bringing you the latest advancement in Wi-Fi technology, we give you Pet-Fi, the world’s first pet-powered mobile broadband solution. We know you love your pets and you love having them close-by, so why not take advantage of that? Use Pet-Fi to transform your pet into the ultimate – yet cuddly – Wi-Fi hotspot and mobile broadband modem. Pet-Fi couldn’t be easier to use. Simply clip the lightweight Pet-Fi dongle to your pet’s collar and enjoy fast wireless internet access on your smartphone, tablet or laptop whenever you are within 30 metres of your pet! And the best thing? Pet-Fi is powered by your pet’s kinetic energy generated by movement, so there are no batteries to recharge. Ever.


Truly portable mobile broadband. Pet-Fi allows you to access our superfast 3G and 4G mobile broadband networks on all your devices whenever you are within 30 metres of your pet.

Never worry about recharging batteries again! With Pet-Fi, you will never have to worry about running out of batteries. Utilising your pet’s kinetic energy, Pet-Fi harnesses the energy generated by your pet’s movement to stay charged. If your pet’s lazy sunbaking is reducing your Wi-Fi signal strength, simply rattle his or her favorite toy to grab attention and juice up your Pet-Fi.

Secure Internet Access Worried about your neighbors gaining access to your wireless connection when your pet goes out and about? Relax, Pet-Fi is password and MAC address protected, so your connection remains safe and secure. So go ahead and take Fluffy for a walk in the park and enjoy secure, fast mobile broadband access on the go!

What Customers Are Saying


Pet-Fi Hardware

Available in a range of sizes, Pet-Fi isn’t just for cats and dogs – it’s for all pets! Pet-Fi 3G is designed for medium-sized pets, Pet-Fi 4G is for larger pets, and Pet-Fi Mini is suitable for even your smallest pets.

Pet-Fi Plans

Whether you’re a light user or you enjoy staying connected day and night, we have a Pet-Fi plan to suit you. Choose Pet-Fi Hamster for 250GB data allowance per month, Pet-Fi Cat for 500GB per month, or Pet-Fi Dog for a whopping 1000GB per month. Data usage is calculated daily.

Each plan provides access to the iiNet Freezone, complimentary email protection, 24/7 customer service, a back-up dial-up account, 10 email address and 1GB of webspace. There are no excess quota usage charges, and if you run out of data, simply pick up a data pack to last you through to the end of the month.

With Pet-Fi, you can enjoy affordable wireless internet access while enjoying the company of your pet. Choose Pet-Fi for all the benefits of iiNet broadband access wherever your pet happens to be. Pets not included!


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