AeroBull iPhone Bluetooth Speaker

AeroBull iPhone Bluetooth Speaker 1
A slobbering waddling bulldog doesn’t exactly conjure up images of audio excellence—unless you define ‘audio excellence’ as that wheezing, panting thing most of them do. But this little guy is different. The AeroBull from Jarre Technologies brings you all the blue collar charm of a bulldog with the audio quality of a top-notch Bluetooth speaker.

Designed for use with any iPhone or other iOS device with a lightning connector, this K9 offers high definition sound, a line in for CD players and such, and it supports MP3, AAC, WMA, protected AAC, and WAV files. The material is chrome plated ABS with a painted finish. Sit this by your front door and you’ll have simultaneous home protection and home audio—and no slobber. [Purchase]

AeroBull iPhone Bluetooth Speaker 2

AeroBull iPhone Bluetooth Speaker 3

AeroBull iPhone Bluetooth Speaker 4

AeroBull iPhone Bluetooth Speaker 5

(Via: HiConsumption)

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