Dog Vogue by Sophie Gamand

In New York, dog fashion is a serious matter. While researching for a photo essay about pets in the city, photographer Sophie Gamand discovered the unconventional world, where pet couturiers and designers compete for the best designs and doggie moms fight for the spotlight while their precious dogs showcase exquisite outfits that can sell for hundreds of dollars.

Fascinated by the inherent anthropomorphism of this pet culture, Sophie Gamand embarked on a series of portraits, Dog Vogue, inviting acclaimed pet couturier Anthony Rubio and a handful of Chihuahua models.

dog vogue - 06

dog vogue - 01

dog vogue - 05

dog vogue - 12

dog vogue - 11

dog vogue - 10

dog vogue - 09

dog vogue - 08

dog vogue - 07

dog vogue - 04

dog vogue - 03

dog vogue - 02

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