Metamorphosis by Sophie Gamand

Last month we featured the project Wet Dogs by photographer Sophie Gamand.  Now we are back with her new series “Metamorphosis,”  Metamorphosis is an ongoing project about dog grooming. Some people say “grooming is like having a new dog”.  This series explores the different stages of the grooming process,  as Sophie tries to capture the multiple dogs that are revealed as layers are removed.  Here are two great examples from this project…

Coco Before and After

grooming - 03

Coco in Progress…

Dog Mid-groom - 02

Dog Mid-groom - 04

Dog Mid-groom - 05

Dog Mid-groom - 06

May Before and After…

grooming - 01

May in Progress…

Dog Mid-groom - 08

Dog Mid-groom - 09

Dog Mid-groom - 10

Dog Mid-groom - 11

Dog Mid-groom - 12

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