Wet Dogs By Sophie Gamand

Being a dog is tough: just when you think you’ve gotten to the perfect level of smelliness, some human comes along and gives you a bath! Ok, we’re not sure if that’s really what dogs think, but it’s certainly the kind of look these dogs are giving the camera in the latest series, Wet Dog, from photographer Sophie Gamand. Some of these little pooches look like they’re about to bite your hand off, others look absolutely forlorn, and some have simply resigned themselves to waiting until this whole wet mess is over.

Gamand caught each dog mid-bath, showing the funny way water plays with their different types of hair and capturing the emotion filled face each dog is conveying. Most of these dogs were captured in the vulnerable moment just before they shook the water off.

Originally from near Lyon, France, Sophie Gamand has brought her passion for pet photography to New York City. There, she has been “exploring the human through dog photography” and working to bring respect to pet photography as an art form. On both fronts she is making progress, giving insight into the unique bond between humans and animals, and doing it with a polished, professional touch.

You can see many more of her works at her website, Striking Paws.b bb bbb bbbbb bbbbbbb

(Via: Visual News)

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