Visualizing Animal Sounds In Multiple Languages

1 How to sound like a dog in 14 languages

One of the first things we learn as babies are the sounds that animals make, but did you know that these sounds are different in every language? French dogs say “waouh,” Japanese horses say “hihiin,” and Albanian pigs say “hunk!” Illustrator James Chapman brings us this colorful collection of animals around the world making their sounds! 24 years old, Chapman is currently living in Manchester England, where he is working towards a PhD in physics, studying the wonder substance graphene. He enjoys drawing when he’s bored, which he claims is always. Check out more of his illustrations on Tumblr and you can purchase prints of some of these animal posters on Etsy.

2 Most languages agree on the sound cats make by James Chapman

3 How to sound like a horse by James Chapman

4 Mice sound adobable in every language by James Chapman

6 What does a bee sound like by James Chapman

7 International Pigs by James Chapman

8 How to sound like a duck in 7 languages

8 how to sound like a cockerel in 5 languages by james chapman

10 how to sound like a frog in 10 languages by Jaems Chapman

12 how to sound like bird in 9 different languages by james chapman

12 Loin by James Chapman

(Via: Visual News)

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