Thanksgiving Feast!

It’s the Thanksgiving long weekend holiday at The Hydrant! Logan, Declan, Loki, Bodie and Bubba eagerly look on while the turkey is being prepared.
Group photos can be tricky to take – especially with so many wiggly dogs! Bodie, the Boxer, is always the first to start goofing around! (then the others join in on the fun!)

Bubba watching me from ground level, while Loki, Brooklyn and Declan steal a spot on my lap.
Our 20lb turkey from The Healthy Butcher just taken out of the oven.
Our tradition of serving special Thanksgiving dinners for the dogs … white turkey meat, and a bit of squash and mashed potatoes. Happy Thanksgiving!
Declan and Brooklyn are super eager to try special dinners!
Logan enjoying the feast!
Brooklyn enjoying her own chunk of turkey. YUM! Happy Thanksgiving from The Hydrant Crew!

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