A Dog’s Life: Exploring Your Everyday Canine with Illustrator Gemma Correll

dogs life Gemma Correll 1

It’s a dog-gone good life, and Gemma Correll knows it! She’s been illustrating the intricacies of dogs for a while now, waxing poetic and wacky on what it’s like from the canine perspective. Her newest book, A Dog’s Life, explores “all Fido’s moods from perky scamp to loyal, obedient protector” in her fun doodled style. Perhaps you’ll find out how “mans best friend” manages to coax us into so many belly rubs, an unending supply of kibble… and even on-demand poop pickup duty.

Previous books by Correll include A Pug’s Guide to Dating (Who knew that sniffing someone’s backside in a park could be so alluring?) and A Pug’s Guide to Etiquette (If they say sit, we stand!)… so there’s a fairly good indication what her favorite dog breed is. All her books are available in hardcover through teNeues press or from Amazon.

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A cruise by her cool, hand-doodled website is definitely in order… as well as checking out her hilarious FAQ (Why do your illustrations look like a five year old drew them? “I hire a five year old to do all my work for me. I pay him in fudge. His name is Alan.”)

dogs life Gemma Correll 2

dogs life Gemma Correll 3

dogs life Gemma Correll 4

dogs life Gemma Correll 5

dogs life Gemma Correll 6

(Via: Visual News)

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